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This certainly is a new journey for me. I am a mother of two lovely almost grown up boys. They both are my lifeline. I don’t know what I’ll do when they go on to make their own life! One day all of the kids leave our nest to make their own and I have to accept it. So, I thought of starting this food blog, as cooking is my second passion (after my boys, of course). So many people ask me about the recipes of many items and one friend actually gave me the idea of sharing my recipes a while ago, but I didn’t pay much attention at that time. Now that my elder one has gone to college and younger one will go soon, I thought that I need to give my passion a direction and here we are…

I have always been a big-time foodies and so has my wonderful husband. He has been a rock for me through thick and thin of life. I’m very lucky to be married to him. My husband and my boys are both the biggest appreciators and critics of my food/cooking. I am from a small Guajarati family, born and raised in Amdavad, India and moved to USA after marriage. To this day, Amdavad has not gone out of me! I’ll always be Amdavadi! I think all Amdavadis are foodies or food lovers.

I have learned all of the cooking I know from my mom, aunt, mother-in-law, friends or simply by watching Food Network relentlessly!! I still remember the first cup of tea I made for my dad. I was ten years old at that time. With the encouraging comments from my dad, I started taking interest in cooking and helping my mom (who is the greatest cook, in my opinion). She taught me everything I know and is the source of my inspiration. I am constantly learning new techniques and improving my cooking until the right flavors are developed for the dish. When I see my family relishing my food, it brings me immense joy and satisfaction.

I am vegetarian and love to explore not only Indian, but also international dishes. We go out to restaurants to eat often. If I like a dish at the restaurant, I have to make it at home. I love cooking and it translates into my food, which my friends and family can vouch for. I am sure that you will also enjoy my recipes.

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